If decoration or wire runs are a problem we supply superb Wire Free Alarm Systems

These systems incorporate :

Anti Vandal External Siren Box • USB Upload/Download • Remote setting/un-setting by phone Securitec Logo

Voice indication of Arm, Disarm & Part Set • A full range of detectors including : PIR’s • Shock sensors 

Smoke Detectors • Glass Break Detectors • Pet Immune Detectors • Magnetic Contacts • Panic Buttons  

Remote Key fobs • 32 programmable zones.

These Wireless Alarm Systems provide a high tech solution to all applications. 

visonic-powermax-complete 2

These systems can incorporate SIM Card or Speech Diallers to call you on activation.

Fast Response • Discreet Installation • Attention to Detail 

Full Technical Support • 100% Guarantee

Prices start from £399.00